What are Florida Theatrical Association’s Educational Opportunities?

Broadway’s Class Act

Established in 2002 to help bring the mission of Florida Theatrical Association to life, Broadway’s Class Act is a performance focused troupe that brings Broadway into the classrooms of local schools and provides professional based training. To become a member of BCA, students must endure an intense audition and be officially cast as a member. Once cast, they have an intensive week of rehearsals where they learn Broadway selections from upcoming tours – absorbing music, choreography and acting direction, much like that of a professional company. Throughout the year, BCA meets regularly to participate in workshops, master classes and rehearsals. Armed with their repertoire, they perform at a plethora of community functions and events – truly bringing Broadway to the community. There are currently four BCA alumni on Broadway, as well as in Broadway touring productions!
Discover Broadway

FTA works with the productions to bring cast members where they participate in an educational chat back session. Cast members talk about the show they’re in, giving audience members insight and background that can’t be found anywhere else. They also answer any questions fans, students and theater enthusiasts in attendance might have. This is a wonderful opportunity for the general public to learn about Broadway and what it’s like to be a performer. Discover Broadway is free and open to the public.

Master Classes

Partnering with local venues as well as the performers in the touring production, master classes are offered in conjunction with a ticket purchase. These classes, usually two hours in length, allow for dance enthusiasts to interact with and take lessons from an actual Broadway performer. Attendees learn choreography from the show and get to collaborate with cast members and dance captains as if they were actual performers in the show!

Technical Observations

There’s a lot going on behind the scenes of a Broadway production and that’s what technical observations allow students to see. Working with local universities and high schools, students can shadow and observe all that goes into making a Broadway production appear seamless and easy. They get access to backstage areas and interact with cast members, stage managers and crew members to really get a feel for what it’s like to work in Broadway!

Published Student Reviews

Broadway can’t be successful without a review! Working with local high school students and universities, FTA arranges interviews with cast members and provides complimentary press tickets to the students so they can view and then review the show. These reviews are then published not only in their school/university newspapers, but also on our various media outlets (i.e. Web Site, Facebook, MySpace) providing the students with real life experience and the opportunity to be published outside their typical outlet.